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  • TPF Stands in Support of #BlackLivesMatter Sat, 06-Jun-2020 by Jason A. Crome

    The Perl Foundation's statement of support for Black Lives Matter.

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  • Introducing the TPF Community Affairs Team Sun, 08-Mar-2020 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    I would like to share with you the development of our initiative which has the aim of maintaining healthy and welcoming Perl and Raku communities. The Perl Foundation is supporting the creation of a Community Affairs Team known as the CAT This initiative has developed through many conversations with members of the community via on-line chat and in person at various events over the last 9 months. It has two

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  • Board update: TPF treasurer Sun, 16-Feb-2020 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    Following nomination in September 2019 The Perl Foundation is pleased to welcome Pete Krawczyk as our new treasurer, being officially appointed 1st January 2020. Pete is a US-based software developer working for ZipRecruiter and has been programming in Perl for 23 years. Pete understands how valuable the community is to Perl. He says: “People, modules, features all come and go, but the community and the values we've developed sustain us

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  • Perl and Raku at FOSDEM 2020 Tue, 21-Jan-2020 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    We're excited to announce the Perl and Raku stand at FOSDEM 2020 conference in Brussels on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd February. This is a great opportunity to share Perl and Raku with one of the largest meeting of developers and technologists. It also brings us together as a community and helps us engage with thousands of others, sharing the values of Perl and Raku. We are one of just

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  • TPF President - 100 days in Tue, 10-Dec-2019 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    As I write this I have served my first 100 days as president of TPF. There’s another 631 days to go in this two-year term.

    This is a role that I relish, and in these two years I want to ensure we focus on initiatives that can be delivered and sustained.

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  • TPF response to Raku rename Tue, 29-Oct-2019 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    What's in a name? So this month, we recognise that 'Perl 6' was officially renamed 'Raku' following the blessing of Perl creator Larry Wall Unsurprisingly, this change has fostered further controversy in the community. The Perl 6 name has been used for almost 20 years and many community members have invested time, effort and emotional energy developing and advocating Perl 6. That makes this change hard. Equally, many community members

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  • Details of the new TPF blog site Thu, 03-Oct-2019 by Henry Van Styn

    Late this evening we flipped the switch which decommissioned the long-running MovableType-based TPF blog site, replacing it with a brand new system based on the much more modern, open-source and license free Rapi::Blog platform.

    In this article I'm going to breakdown the basics of what you need to know to get comfortable using the new system as painlessly as possible, where to go for support if you have questions or run into problems, how to fire up your own instance of the site, and finally, how to become a contributor

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  • New TPF Blog Site Now Live Thu, 03-Oct-2019 by Jim Brandt

    If you're reading this, you probably noticed that things look a little different. We're very happy to announce that the blog update I mentioned at TPC this year is now live. The new blog is an instance of an all perl blogging platform called Rapi::Blog, which is built on RapidApp. All of the older posts and comments have been imported and should be available. Speaking of those hundreds of existing

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  • Pete Krawczyk nominated for TPF Treasurer Wed, 18-Sep-2019 by Dan Wright

    Our nominee to join The Perl Foundation’s Board of Directors as Treasurer is Pete Krawczyk. Prior to making a final decision, our standard policy includes a public comment period. The community is invited to post public feedback or ask questions of Pete on this blog post. We will wait a minimum of two weeks prior to making a decision. If any member of the community would like to express concerns

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  • Stuart Mackintosh is new TPF President Fri, 30-Aug-2019 by Jim Brandt

    I'm very happy to report that following the nomination process, the board has elected Stuart Mackintosh as the new president of The Perl Foundation. Stuart will officially assume the role on September 1, 2019. Congratulations to Stuart and good luck in your new role!

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  • Board update to SoC incident Thu, 25-Jul-2019 by Dan Wright

    Dear Perl Community Last week, in a blog post, The Perl Foundation Board of Directors announced that it would be providing further analysis of a recent Standards of Conduct decision with the hopes of providing an update this week. After reaching out to various parties and receiving additional information, it is clear that this issue will not be resolved in a week. The Board will continue to work on this

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  • Board response to SoC incident. Thu, 18-Jul-2019 by Dan Wright

    Dear Perl Community: As reported in our blog post last week, the Board has been reviewing the details surrounding the decision to delist a conference video from The Perl Foundation's YouTube channel following a Standards of Conduct complaint. As part of this review, a special Board meeting was held on July 16th, 2019 to review the complaint and the process of how it was handled. The Board of Directors have

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  • Dave Rolsky Nomination for TPF Board Tue, 16-Oct-2018 by Jim Brandt

    Dave Rolsky is our next nominee to join the Perl Foundation board. Dave is well known in the Perl community, for his extensive contributions to CPAN and for his frequent conference talks and classes. If you'd like to know a little more, he conveniently posts his resume on-line on his website. Below is some additional information on how Dave feels he can contribute to the board: Why do you want

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  • Ricardo Signes Joins TPF Board Tue, 03-Apr-2018 by Jim Brandt

    I'm happy to announce that Ricardo Signes has become the newest member of the Perl Foundation board. His is the first board appointment following the new, more public, selection process we recently announced. Thanks to Rik for agreeing to be the first to use this process and to the community for the comments and feedback following his nomination. We look forward to Rik's continued contributions to the Perl community, now

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  • Public nomination/election process of TPF board members Tue, 27-Feb-2018 by Makoto Nozaki

    As communicated previously.... The Perl Foundation is a non-profit, 501 organization based in the United States. Currently its board of directors has six members and TPF will start annual nomination and election process of new members. Bringing new people to the board regularly, with some community input, will allow the organization to grow and increase its output. Here are the details: 1. Nomination A new member should be nominated by

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  • Unicode membership Tue, 22-Aug-2017 by Dan Wright

    I'm pleased to report that The Perl Foundation has renewed its associate level membership in the Unicode Consortium. This membership allows Perl core developers to be on the "inside track" when it comes to the future of Unicode standards. It also gives them access to documents and people that have made the development of Unicode support in Perl easier. The Perl Foundation is pleased to be able to make this

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  • Kurt DeMaagd Stepping Down from TPF Board Fri, 04-Aug-2017 by Jim Brandt

    After an amazing 17 years of serving The Perl Foundation in various roles, Kurt DeMaagd has stepped down from his board position. Kurt was one of the original founders of TPF in addition to being a founder of As the original treasurer, Kurt set up all of the initial financial components of TPF, then known as Yet Another Society, and we have since distributed over $1 million in grant

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  • TPF Committee Updates Wed, 22-Mar-2017 by Jim Brandt

    We've been reviewing Perl Foundation committees over the last few months and I'm happy to report some new people have stepped into committee leadership roles. David Oswald is the new conferences committee chair. This position had gone vacant for a period as TPF Treasurer Dan Wright along with others took a more active role in planning for The Perl Conference. The board is happy to once again have someone in

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  • Makoto Nozaki Appointed Secretary Thu, 02-Mar-2017 by Jim Brandt

    The Perl Foundation is excited to announce that Makoto Nozaki, grants chair, has joined TPF board as secretary. He has served as grants chair since 2014 and has done a great job overseeing grants and providing funding for perl projects. In addition to supporting Makoto's TPF work, Two Sigma Investments, LP, Makoto's employer, has also provided donations to TPF for which we are very grateful. A focus for us this

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  • Grants Committee needs a new member Wed, 25-Jan-2017 by Makoto Nozaki

    The Perl Foundation's Grants Committee is looking for a new member. The new member will work at the committee in this large, high-profile nonprofit organization with other 13 members who include 4 White Camel Award recipients. The committee has presence in all the global regions and major Perl development threads. It's a volunteer position with no compensation. We would like to elect either one of 1> the Committee Secretary 2>

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