Daniel Sockwell candidacy for Board positon

Category: Perl Foundation

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I wholeheartedly support Daniel and particularly his view to work together to help the two languages.

I would prefer to see someone added to the board who has more experience on other FOSS foundation boards. Perhaps someone from outside the community. Such a person would add valuable experience for what other foss foundations have done, a new network of contacts, and perspectives from outside the perl bubble.

This should not be considered as a slight against Daniel in any way.

@dean, thanks for the comment. I agree that a candidate with the experience you describe would be a valuable addition to the Board. The foundation's bylaws don't specify the size of the Board, so someone like that could be added at any time, regardless of whether or not I join the Board. https://www.perlfoundation.org/bylaws.html

Such an "outside" person could certainly be useful, once it is found. In the mean-time, I think Daniel would be a useful (and orthogonal) addition to the board.

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