CAT open session – your thoughts and ideas

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What medium will that discussion use? Specifically, which steps have you taken to make sure it's fully accessible to:
- blind or visually impaired people?
- people with motor disabilities making typing hard or impossible?
- D/deaf people or people having trouble using speech for other reasons?

The medium will be a video conference, most likely Zoom. We have not yet evaluated the suitability for access by people with the disabilities that you reference.

However if you feel that you can assist with such an evaluation, please join in and help us understand the barriers and solutions.

If you are unable to join due to accessibility issues, contact me directly and we can discuss how we might support you.

What steps have you taken for people who don’t have internet or are illiterate. You are discriminating around hundred of millions of people here. So wrong. How dare you? Blah. Blah. Blah.

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