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As the second accused, here is my comment so far:

A community hostage of herself.
This would be a joke if it wasn't a tragic exemplary case of the
bully-victim cycle:

What is astonishing of the so called Perl community is the Kafkaesque
situation in which you recognize after ages that this unnameable person
is a serial harasser and yet you can't enforce a single punitive measure
(apart the joke of preventing a participation to a single online
meeting) because he either directly or indirectly controls the principal
channels of online communication in which he is even a moderator!

Let's think about that for a moment, CAT: would be a joke if it wasn't

I think it's bizarre that this is being aired out publicly online. I really don't think anyone other than the specific parties involved should have any communication on the matter. This is just another post on the WWW for people to point too and claim perl is in shambles. Please stop...

The only thing bizarre is having since ages a known harasser in key positions of power/moderation.
The Perl community, being not a private circle, is in shambles precisely because it never publicly addressed and resolved this very problem, among others.
Now that the project manager has been stabbed repeatedly in the back, and in public channels/venues the problem is not to publicly denounce it.
The problem here is that the reply is just too little, too late.

For the historical record, this conversation is continued here:

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