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  • Coding in Perl? What support do you need? Thu, 31-Dec-2020 by Nic Evans

    Learning Perl programming is a rewarding experience. But equally tough without the right support. What would be useful to you as part of your learning and development? Take part in our survey.

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  • Community Leaders and Board Meeting November 2020 Tue, 08-Dec-2020 by Nic Evans

    Perl and Raku updates, mentoring, grants, sponsorship progress, conferences, trademarks and more were discussed amongst community leaders at the meeting held in November. The meeting is becoming an invaluable tool for the Board and community to communicate with each other about developments in TPF and the wider Perl community. The Board looks forward to future successful community leader meetings with representatation from a wide cross section of our community. The

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  • Sponsorship Committee needs your help Tue, 18-Aug-2020 by Nic Evans

    The TPF Sponsorship Committee is looking for support in contacting potential sponsors. We are working on a plan to create various materials to support our requests for sponsorship and to update the website content regarding donations. However, currently there are only two formal members of the committee who are able to contact potential sponsors. If you think you can help the committee please get in touch. Email sponsorship@perlfoundation.org

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  • Can you help TPF with community communication? Thu, 30-Jul-2020 by Nic Evans

    Following the Conference in the Cloud, TPF Board is keen to continue the momentum of two-way communication with the community. During CIC we saw some great conversations with, and across, the community. There was enthusiasm, lots of engagement and feedback, and positive suggestions about the future of Perl and Raku. Our network is complex and at the moment everyone talks to everyone, it is disorganised, and there’s potential for great

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  • Record attendance for TPF conference Wed, 08-Jul-2020 by Nic Evans

    COVID-19 may have put a stop to The Perl Foundation’s physical conference, but it didn’t prevent almost 500 people coming together across the three-day Conference in the Cloud via Zoom. A total of 467 tickets of 500 were sold raising funds for The Perl Foundation. At its busiest single point in time, 263 people were live on Zoom with 157 watching on YouTube. Delegates from around the world, many of

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