New year, new impetus for Perl Foundation Marketing Committee

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If you're asking for people to join on a Zoom meeting, or via a slack channel, it would be helpful if you would add a link to said Zoom meeting or slack channels.

Also, if you say: please use amazon smile, can you point out how to do that?

And you write ".. the Perl Foundation Marketing Committee aims to.. Address feature gaps from community feedback". Feature gaps in what? The perl marketing?

The links didnt make it from the draft to the post. They have now been added.

I'm in Russia, and (including the donations link) is not accessible from here for some reason. I checked with one of the online sites that check site availability from various locations around the globe, and it's not just me -- all their Russian locations, Kiev, Vilnius, and Strasbourg could not open the site as well. And I checked twice with 10 hrs break, same result. Just FYI.

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