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  • Board update September 2021 Thu, 16-Sep-2021 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    Board update There have been many changes at the Foundation over the last year including a number of changes to our Board. Welcome At our last formal meeting in August, we welcomed Daniel Sockwell to the Board of Directors. Daniel has worked with the Foundation over the last year by serving on the Legal/Commercial Committee and by participating in the monthly community meetings. In his responses to questions during nomination,

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  • Daniel Sockwell candidacy for Board positon Mon, 16-Aug-2021 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    We would like to present Daniel Sockwell as a candidate to join the Board. He has worked with the foundation over the last year, participated in the monthly community meetings and presented Raku at a variety of events. The board will vote on Daniel's appointment at the board meeting 27th August 2021. Below are Daniel's responses to the application questions. Brief biography Before becoming a programmer, I earned a J.D.

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  • Board review: Community Affairs Team Sat, 07-Aug-2021 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    The Perl foundation’s board members have had an opportunity to review the Community Affairs Team (CAT), actions and its processes. As a result, the board has chosen to put the CAT on hiatus while its charter is formalized, and is retracting the public announcements of previous investigations.

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  • Perl.com registry attack Sat, 30-Jan-2021 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    The community-managed Perl.com domain has been subject to a registry attack. Up to date information is available on the The Perl NOC blog here and also The Perl Foundation twitter feed here.

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  • FOSDEM 2021 - guidance for speakers Wed, 13-Jan-2021 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    Speaking at FOSDEM? Here’s what you need to know Thank you to all speakers who have put themselves forward to speak at this year’s FOSDEM. As it’s a virtual event, all talks need to be pre-recorded by the speakers. This is the first time FOSDEM has operated in this way so please be aware that there may be some bumps along the way everyone is working this out as they

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  • FOSDEM 2021: Call for papers open Fri, 04-Dec-2020 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    The Perl Foundation is calling for papers for our virtual devroom taking place at FOSDEM on Saturday 6th February 2021. A brief outline of your talk must be submitted by 23 December. The finished talk is not required until January Talk subjects The main topic of the room will be "Perl&Raku in a world in flux", and the open call for papers will include the following topics: data science infrastructure

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  • Final Board Findings Regarding 2019 SOC Incident Fri, 18-Sep-2020 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    Final Board Findings Regarding 2019 SOC Incident

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  • Perl 7 announced at Perl Conference in the Cloud Wed, 24-Jun-2020 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    The Perl programming language will take a strategic step forward with the planned release of Perl 7. This development, announced by Sawyer X at the Perl Conference in the Cloud, will enable usability enhancements as standard and disable antiquated behaviours. Perl 7 will make it easier to attract new developers and add quality-of-life improvements for existing developers while maintaining broad compatibility with existing codebases. This paves the way for future

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  • Introducing the TPF Community Affairs Team Sun, 08-Mar-2020 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    I would like to share with you the development of our initiative which has the aim of maintaining healthy and welcoming Perl and Raku communities. The Perl Foundation is supporting the creation of a Community Affairs Team known as the CAT This initiative has developed through many conversations with members of the community via on-line chat and in person at various events over the last 9 months. It has two

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  • Board update: TPF treasurer Sun, 16-Feb-2020 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    Following nomination in September 2019 The Perl Foundation is pleased to welcome Pete Krawczyk as our new treasurer, being officially appointed 1st January 2020. Pete is a US-based software developer working for ZipRecruiter and has been programming in Perl for 23 years. Pete understands how valuable the community is to Perl. He says: “People, modules, features all come and go, but the community and the values we've developed sustain us

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  • Perl and Raku at FOSDEM 2020 Tue, 21-Jan-2020 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    We're excited to announce the Perl and Raku stand at FOSDEM 2020 conference in Brussels on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd February. This is a great opportunity to share Perl and Raku with one of the largest meeting of developers and technologists. It also brings us together as a community and helps us engage with thousands of others, sharing the values of Perl and Raku. We are one of just

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  • TPF President - 100 days in Tue, 10-Dec-2019 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    As I write this I have served my first 100 days as president of TPF. There’s another 631 days to go in this two-year term.

    This is a role that I relish, and in these two years I want to ensure we focus on initiatives that can be delivered and sustained.

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  • TPF response to Raku rename Tue, 29-Oct-2019 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    What's in a name? So this month, we recognise that 'Perl 6' was officially renamed 'Raku' following the blessing of Perl creator Larry Wall Unsurprisingly, this change has fostered further controversy in the community. The Perl 6 name has been used for almost 20 years and many community members have invested time, effort and emotional energy developing and advocating Perl 6. That makes this change hard. Equally, many community members

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