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  • Now Accepting: TPRC Proposals for 2024 Wed, 22-Mar-2023 by Amber Deuel

    It’s time to plan TPRC 2024. If you are interested in organizing the event in your city, please submit a proposal by April 28th. Please view the information, along with a sample RFP you can send to possible vendors here. When ready to submit your proposal, please use the same form. If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@perlfoundation.org

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  • Report on Volunteerism in the Perl Community Tue, 21-Mar-2023 by Amber Deuel

    This report is a collaboration between Dr. Ann Barcomb's research lab and TPRF. The research was primarily conducted by Aadharsh Hariharan. The goal of this research project is to analyse the current existing volunteering scenario within these communities and create techniques that will help in better management of volunteers. The Perl community is ideal for this research project as there is no single large corporate entity behind the communities. Please

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  • Community Input Requested - Future of TPRF website(s) Mon, 20-Mar-2023 by Amber Deuel

    TPRF is looking for community input on the future of the TPRF website We are asking for community members to submit proposals for the Perl/Raku website The proposals would ideally address the following: Should there be separate websites for Perl and Raku, with a single set of main content that will be on both pages, or should TPRF continue to operate with one website, but feature separate sites for language

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  • Deadline for TPRC Fri, 17-Mar-2023 by Amber Deuel

    The Perl Raku Conference is a high-quality, inexpensive technical Conference that celebrates the Perl and Raku programming languages. The beauty of the conference is that it remains accessible to everyone regardless of experience, yet it is still valuable to the most skilled programmers. The Perl Raku Conference 2023 will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from July 11-13, 2023. The deadline to submit your talks is coming up quickly! Please

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  • FOSDEM 2023 Wed, 22-Feb-2023 by Amber Deuel

    The Perl Raku Foundation would like to thank all of our community volunteers that helped run the TPRF stand at FOSDEM this year. The stand was successful in spreading interest in the Perl and Raku languages and promoting involvement in our communities. A special thank you to Theo van Hoesel for providing these photos.

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  • Perl and Raku Merchandise Wed, 15-Feb-2023 by Amber Deuel

    Freewear now has Perl and Raku merch. A donation to TPRF is made for each sale. Please everyone share it out via your favorite channels. https://www.freewear.org/PerlandRaku

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  • A note from our president Sat, 04-Feb-2023 by Amber Deuel

    The Perl/Raku communities rely heavily on volunteer work. It is sad to know that hate speech has been directed at members of the Perl/Raku community recently. Of course there are differences in our backgrounds, beliefs and experiences and we must build on these, be curious and learn about each other. Aggressive, hostile and violent behaviour is never an appropriate way to relate to others and it is disappointing that such

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  • Retirement Announcement - Dave Rolsky Fri, 20-Jan-2023 by Amber Deuel

    After several years of service to The Perl/Raku Foundation, Dave Rolsky is retiring. The board thanks Dave for all of his work, he will be missed.

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  • Fosdem mini grants Wed, 11-Jan-2023 by Amber Deuel

    One of the goals TPRF would like to achieve, now that conferences are becoming increasingly available in person, is to spread awareness of current Perl and Raku projects. In support of this goal, TPRF will be issuing a limited number of mini grants of up to $300 to participants interested in holding Perl/Raku based talks in FOSDEM 2023 dev rooms. TPRF has made an intentional decision to not apply for

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  • Marketing Committee Achievements in 2022 Tue, 27-Dec-2022 by Amber Deuel
    in: Marketing

    Looking back over 2022 the Marketing Committee presents our accomplishments to the Board and the Communities we serve. Our sincere and abundant thanks to all those who have volunteered their time to deliver these outcomes. Created the Prospectus for 2022 Arranged to have 2 Perl related articles published in the Linux Format magazine Launched The Perl store offering Official Perl merchandise with profits going to the Perl Fund Organized and

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  • FOSDEM Call for Volunteers! Fri, 16-Dec-2022 by Amber Deuel

    FOSDEM 2023 is in person on February 4th and 5th and TPRF is seeking volunteers to help run the The Perl/Raku Foundation stand. We are looking for people that can share information about Perl/Raku and hand out TPRF provided materials. We will be having a meeting on December 30th at 2pm UTC for interested volunteers! Join the Zoom Meeting with this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86116979877?pwd=a3lWalNVelNTbWFqdUNSOHJ5V1FhQT09 Meeting ID: 861 1697 9877

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  • Raku Advent Calendar submission deadline approaching! Thu, 24-Nov-2022 by Amber Deuel

    The Christmas season is almost here, and that means a fresh batch of Raku Advent Calendar posts. Every year since 2009, the Raku community has hosted an annual Advent event, in the spirit of Perl and other projects, consisting of daily articles starting on the 1st of December and ending on the 25th. The Raku community has had so many great posts and, hopefully, this year will live up to

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  • TPRF to support FOSDEM Participation Fri, 04-Nov-2022 by Amber Deuel

    One of the goals TPRF would like to achieve, now that conferences are becoming increasingly available in person, is to spread awareness of current Perl and Raku projects. In support of this goal, TPRF will be issuing a limited number of mini grants of up to $300 to participants interested in holding Perl/Raku based talks in FOSDEM 2023 dev rooms. To apply for a mini grant please send a completed

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  • November Announcements from the Board - UPDATED Wed, 26-Oct-2022 by Amber Deuel

    Yet Another Society operates as a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the advancement of the Perl and Raku programming languages. One way Yet Another Society supports Perl and Raku is through grants. Yet Another Society has had donations given specifically for both languages. As such, it is important to recognize the relationship the foundation has with not just Perl, but also Raku. This is why, following a vote from the board,

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  • Board Updates October 2022 Mon, 17-Oct-2022 by Amber Deuel

    Welcome Following nomination in July, 2022, The Perl Foundation is pleased to welcome Todd Rinaldo to the board. Todd has worked with the board for many years as a conference organizer, with the Grants Committee, and in other capacities. He is also a contributor to CPAN and Perl 5 Porters. During his board nomination interview, Todd expressed an interest in offering assistance in the Foundation's mission to help the community,

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  • Calling All Grant Gurus! Fri, 17-Jun-2022 by Amber Deuel
    in: Grants

    We are in need of a volunteer to take over the Grants Committee Chair responsibilities ASAP. What does the Grants Committee Chair do? Grants Committee Chair Job Duties Open a grants call every two months to invite community members to apply for funding. Facilitate discussion of grants between the public,The Perl Foundation/Raku Foundation, and Grants Committee members. Tally and report voting outcome at the end of each grant call. Work

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