Bruce Gray Candidacy for Board Membership

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I think Bruce would be a great board member for TPRF!

Bruce would be a great addition to the board!

I think Bruce will be a great addition to the Perl and Raku Foundation Board! His passion for the Perl and Raku languages, and the people who use them, shows in everything he does. He is brilliant, well-spoken, and genuinely one of the nicest people I know.

His idea for Working Groups really strikes a chord with me; I think that having the Board provide a space for idea-incubation like this would be an excellent step forward for both Perl and Raku.

Bruce would be an excellent addition to the TPRF board. Few people have been so dedicated to sharing their knowledge of Perl and Raku, or so giving of themselves for the community. Adding Bruce to the board would only give him a larger platform from which to do that.

If paid membership was a thing that allowed people to vote, I would vote for Bruce

I support Bruce Gray's candidacy!

GeekRuthie speaks my mind. I recommend Bruce without reservation.

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