• Grants: November 2019 Votes Thu, 05-Dec-2019 by Coke

    The Grants Committee has concluded the voting of the November/December 2019 round. There was one proposal this round, which was approved. **Voting results: Approved: 7 YES votes, 0 NO votes, 3 abstentions The committee members were in general very positive about this proposal. We accept proposals throughout the year; our next round of review will begin early January 2020. You can submit proposals at any time. If you want to

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  • #TPCiH to be @ Hilton Houston North Jun 23-27, 2020 Sun, 24-Nov-2019 by IrishPebbles

    The Hilton Houston North has been selected as the #TPCiH venue! #savethdates June 23-27, 2020. The 3-day tech conference goes from Wednesday, June 24 through Friday, June 26. Master-class tutorial sessions will be offered Tuesday, June 23 and Saturday, June 27 #perlcon #rakulang

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  • Maintaining Perl 5 (Tony Cook): September 2019 Grant Report Wed, 20-Nov-2019 by Matthias Bloch

    This is a monthly report by Tony Cook on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

    Approximately 35 tickets were reviewed, and 8 patches were
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  • Grant Completed: Future::AsyncAwait Mon, 11-Nov-2019 by Coke

    The grant for Future::AsyncAwait by Paul Evans has been completed. Please see the final grant report, as well as the original proposal. The grants committee has voted to approve payout on this grant.

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  • Grant Proposals: November/December 2019 Mon, 11-Nov-2019 by Coke

    The Grants Committee has received the following grant proposal for the November/December 2019 round. Implement Perl Binding for libuv Before the Committee members vote on any proposal, we like to solicit feedback from the Perl community. Review the proposals at their individual links and please comment there by November 18th, 2019. The Committee members will start the voting process following that and the conclusion will be announced by the end

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  • Grant Proposal: Implement Perl Binding for libuv Mon, 11-Nov-2019 by Coke

    UV Name: Paul Evans Amount Requested: USD 3,698 Synopsis Implement a Perl binding for libuv, wrapping as many of the features and types as is practical and useful for Perl 5. Benefits to the Perl Community The libuv library provides a multi-platform event system, and is the basis for the nodejs JavaScript and moarvm Perl 6 runtimes and the neovim text editor, to give a few examples. It

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  • Rakudo Perl 6 performance analysis tooling - Grant Report #12 Sun, 03-Nov-2019 by Alan Haggai Alavi

    The latest feature is named "Network View" and offers a top level view of objects and their relationships. Read Timo's latest grant report at: Introducing: The Heap Snapshot UI.

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  • Call for Grant Proposals (November 2019 Round) Fri, 01-Nov-2019 by Coke

    The Grants Committee is accepting grant proposals all the time. We evaluate them every two months and another round is starting! If you have an idea for doing some work that will benefit the Perl or Raku communities, please consider submitting a grant application. The application deadline for this round is 23:59 November 8th, UTC. We will publish the received applications, get community feedback through November 15th, and we

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  • TPF response to Raku rename Tue, 29-Oct-2019 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    What's in a name? So this month, we recognise that 'Perl 6' was officially renamed 'Raku' following the blessing of Perl creator Larry Wall Unsurprisingly, this change has fostered further controversy in the community. The Perl 6 name has been used for almost 20 years and many community members have invested time, effort and emotional energy developing and advocating Perl 6. That makes this change hard. Equally, many community members

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  • TPCiH 2020 - Newsletter #1 Tue, 22-Oct-2019 by IrishPebbles

    In this issue: About The Perl Conference in Houston Volunteer-Organizer positions open Call for sponsors Call for talk ideas Contact us About #TPCiH In 2020 we’ll be in Houston, Texas. The Perl Conference in Houston will use hashtag #TPCiH, which follows with previous years taking the first letter of the name or letters for cities with more than one word in their names So if you see #TPCiH around on

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  • Maintaining the Perl 5 Core (Dave Mitchell): Grant Report for September 2019 Thu, 17-Oct-2019 by Matthias Bloch

    This is a monthly report by Dave Mitchell on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

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  • Final Grant Report: Future::AsyncAwait Thu, 10-Oct-2019 by domm

    Future::AsyncAwait Final Report Here is the final report by Paul Evans on his Future::AsyncAwait Grant: This project set out to improve the Future::AsyncAwait module, fixing a number of known bugs and adding missing features. It also aimed to improve documentation and user-awareness of the new abilities that the module adds to Perl. I believe it has been successful in all of these areas. Bugs Fixed Of particular note, the original

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  • Grant Extension Request: Maintaining the Perl 5 Core (Tony Cook) Mon, 07-Oct-2019 by Matthias Bloch

    Tony Cook has requested an extension of $20,000 for his Maintaining Perl 5 grant. This will allow him to dedicate another 400 hours to this work.

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  • Grants: September 2019 Votes Fri, 04-Oct-2019 by Coke

    The Grants Committee has concluded the voting of the September/October 2019 round.

    There was one proposal this round, which was not approved.

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  • Details of the new TPF blog site Thu, 03-Oct-2019 by Henry Van Styn

    Late this evening we flipped the switch which decommissioned the long-running MovableType-based TPF blog site, replacing it with a brand new system based on the much more modern, open-source and license free Rapi::Blog platform.

    In this article I'm going to breakdown the basics of what you need to know to get comfortable using the new system as painlessly as possible, where to go for support if you have questions or run into problems, how to fire up your own instance of the site, and finally, how to become a contributor

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