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  • Nominate heroes for the 2024 White Camel Awards Wed, 21-Feb-2024 by Makoto Nozaki

    We are seeking nominations for the 2024 White Camel Awards, which honor remarkable non-technical contributions in the Perl community. The Board will consider all nominations and will seek input both from the Advisory Board and the Perl Steering Council. To nominate an individual, kindly complete the form at https://forms.gle/xQczcsRkguvaBDBn8. In light of our community’s growing diversity, we kindly ask that the rationale for each nomination be articulated in a manner

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  • Maintaining Perl 5 Core (Dave Mitchell): November - December 2023 Tue, 20-Feb-2024 by alh
    in: Grants

    Dave writes: This is my monthly report on work done during November-December 2023 covered by my TPF perl core maintenance grant. I mainly continued my work on making the perl stack reference counted. As well as "unwrapping" a few more ops, I also took the opportunity to introduce some basic optimisations to get the speed of a PERL_RC_STACK perl interpreter build back closer to a vanilla build. On my most

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  • TPRF 2024 Call For Papers is now open! Thu, 15-Feb-2024 by Amber Krawczyk

    TPRC 2024 is being held in Las Vegas, NV from June 24-28 2024. You can submit your talk Ideas for TPRC 2024 at https://tprc.us/talks Talk submission deadline is April 5th, Midnight UTC. Talks must be given live and in-person. If you are looking for any talk ideas, try out the conference wiki. New this year, we are accepting submissions for a peer reviewed Science track. Those talks should be submitted

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  • TONYC Grant Report November 2023 Tue, 13-Feb-2024 by Saif Ahmed

    Tony Cook has submitted a report of his activity maintaining Core Perl

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  • PEVANS Core Perl 5: Grant Report for January 2024 Sun, 11-Feb-2024 by Saif Ahmed

    PEVANS Core Developement It is difficult to narrow down the depth of PEVANS activity in the Perl Core. Continuing to modernise the Core is vital for the longevity of Perl and introduction of modern paradigms. To do this without breaking Perl is an extra challenge. FOSDEM provided such an opportunty to review what the Paul and the PSC has been upto, and may allow some insight of the builtin excitement

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  • Perl Grants: Call for applications Jan 2024 Sun, 11-Feb-2024 by Saif Ahmed

    The Perl and Raku Foundation fosters continued development and use of Perl and Raku. As an open source programming language with a largely open source minded community, contributions to Perl and Raku are rarely rewarded. One of the many activities of The Perl and Raku Foundationhas been to reward these activities through Grants. There are as many ideas as there are people reading this post, indeed it is likely that

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  • Grant Application: Raku Ecosystem Tue, 23-Jan-2024 by Saif Ahmed

    A new Grant application for Raku. Tony O'Dell is proposing a project to develop a Raku Ecosystem written in Raku. This gets rid of a dependency on other languages and proprietary code to create a more sustainable environment. Tony has a number of Raku projects including the very important Fez, niner, vrurg, andugexe

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  • 2024 Letter from the President Fri, 19-Jan-2024 by Amber Krawczyk

    Following a year of accelerating change in the Open Source and wider digital ecosystems, the Foundation continues to develop and build momentum. We have continued the monthly community meetings and are pleased to see new faces throughout. 2023 saw the publication of the second TPRF prospectus. This provides a valuable tool to share the aims and activities of the Foundation. The 2024 prospectus is in development and will be published

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  • Grant Application: 2024 Perl Hackathon Day in the Democratic Republic of Congo Sun, 14-Jan-2024 by Saif Ahmed
    in: GrantsHackathonsMeetings

    We have received a Grant Application from Narcisse Mbunzama from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has a track record in AI and Digital Security. He has previously applied for grants. The grant applied for relates to a planned hackathon; although the timeline for funding looks tight, for the purposes of this appication may be ignored; the dates are flexible. Personally I do find that the Open Source Community benefits

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  • PEVANS Perl Core Development Thu, 28-Dec-2023 by Saif Ahmed

    Grant report: This is the first report of Paul Evans' successful grant award. He continues his contributions to the Perl Core. His work is diverse and related to activities out of sight of much of the community. Currently we attribute much of the work of integrating a robust Perlish OOP Paradigm into the Core to Paul, but as member of the Perl Steering Council he has his hands on many

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