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  • Outreachy Internship 2024 Updates Thu, 09-May-2024 by Makoto Nozaki
    in: Outreachy

    TL;DR We just finished intern selection for this year’s Outreachy program. We got more projects and more applicants than the previous years, which made the selection hard in a good way. Continuing our annual tradition, The Perl and Raku foundation is involved in the Outreachy program which provides internships to people subject to systemic bias and impacted by underrepresentation. We have just finished the intern selection process, which turned out

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  • Maintaining Perl (Tony Cook) February 2024 Mon, 06-May-2024 by alh
    in: Grants

    Tony writes: 2024/02/01 Thursday 2.50 #21873 fix, testing on both gcc and MSVC, push for CI 2.50 2024/02/02 Friday 0.72 #21915 review, testing, comments 0.25 #21883 review recent updates, apply to blead 0.97 2024/02/05 Monday 0.25 github notifications 0.08 #21885 review updates and approve 0.57 #21920 review and comment 0.08 #21921 review and approve 0.12 #21923 review and approve

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  • TPRF sponsors Perl Toolchain Summit Fri, 03-May-2024 by Makoto Nozaki

    I am pleased to announce that The Perl and Raku Foundation sponsored the Perl Toolchain Summit 2024 as a Platinum Sponsor. The Perl Toolchain Summit is an annual event where they bring together the volunteers who work on the tools and modules at the heart of Perl and the CPAN ecosystem. The PTS gives them 4 days to work together on these systems, with all their fellow volunteers to hand.

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  • TPRC Call for volunteers Sat, 27-Apr-2024 by Amber Krawczyk

    We hope you are coming to in Las Vegas June 24-28! Plans are underway for a wonderful TPRC. But a conference of this type is only possible because of volunteers who give their time and expertise to plan, promote, and execute every detail. We need volunteers! You may have already volunteered to speak at the conference; if so, wonderful! If you are not presenting there are many ways to help.

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  • Grant Application: RakuAST Fri, 26-Apr-2024 by Saif Ahmed

    Another Grant Application from a key Raku develoer, Stefan Seifert. A member of the Raku Steering Council, Stefan is also an author of several Perl 5 modules including Inline::Python and Inline::Perl6. This Grant is to help advance AST or Abstract Syntax Tree. This is integral to Raku internals and allows designing and implementation of new language components, that can be converted into bytecode for execution by the interpreteter or "virtual

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