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  • RakuAST Grant Report for May 2021 Wed, 02-Jun-2021 by Moritz Lenz

    Regarding his RakuAST Grant, Jonathan Worthington reports some awesome progress for May 2021. Side note: due to a bug in the Markdown rendering in this blog post, the less-than and greater-than characters in code blocks are double-encoded. Please refer to this gist for a correctly rendered version. Anyway, here is Jonathan's report: During May I focused on filling out the regex part of RakuAST, with the result that the majority

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  • Grant Proposal Recap: May 2021 Tue, 01-Jun-2021 by Jason A. Crome

    The Grants Committee has received the following grant proposals for the May 2021 round: Raku Dispatch and Compiler Improvements Persistent Data Structures for Raku Before the Committee members vote on any proposal, we like to solicit feedback from the Perl and Raku communities. Review the proposals at their individual links and please comment there by June 6, 2021. The Committee members will start the voting process following that and the

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  • Grant Proposal: Persistent Data Structures for Raku Sun, 30-May-2021 by Jason A. Crome
    in: Grants

    Name Daniel Sockwell Synopsis Immutable, persistent data structures give a program certain superpowers that it's very hard to have in any other way: they allow the program to "time travel" they allow let the program share data across threads or asynchronously save it to disk without needing locks; they enable a much more purely functional style of programming which results in code that many software developers find much easier to

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  • TPRCIC Newsletter 26 May 2021 Tue, 25-May-2021 by Nic Evans

    Welcome to the latest ‘The Perl and Raku Conference in the Cloud’ newsletter. This issue: The schedule is available Submit a Lightning Talk Volunteers needed Do you want to host a virtual BoF? Order your conference shirt About the Conference in the Cloud Get your tickets How to Reach Us See you real soon The conference is in just 2 weeks! We're really looking forward to seeing everyone again. We’ve

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  • Maintaining Perl 5 (Tony Cook): April 2021 Report Mon, 24-May-2021 by Matthias Bloch

    This is a monthly report by Tony Cook on his Maintaining Perl 5 grant. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this possible. Approximately 39 tickets were reviewed. 2.66 #16249 read code, try to work up some implementation #16249 more implementation 0.80 review list discussion, comment on #17999 re walking backwards through UTF-8 0.73 #18588 debugging 1.43 #18670 review CI results, reproduce on Win32,

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