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  • Board update September 2021 Thu, 16-Sep-2021 by Stuart J Mackintosh

    Board update There have been many changes at the Foundation over the last year including a number of changes to our Board. Welcome At our last formal meeting in August, we welcomed Daniel Sockwell to the Board of Directors. Daniel has worked with the Foundation over the last year by serving on the Legal/Commercial Committee and by participating in the monthly community meetings. In his responses to questions during nomination,

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  • Raku Dispatch and Compiler Improvements: Grant Report Jonathan Worthington Tue, 14-Sep-2021 by Matthias Bloch

    Jonathan reports a lot of progress on his grant. We would like to thank the sponsors and Jonathan for his work. Here is his report: Raku Dispatch and Compiler Improvements Grant Update Since the approval of my grant in late June, I have been making a lot of progress with it. The grant allowed me to dedicate the vast majority of my working time in July and August to Raku

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  • Outreachy Perl internship 2021 successful completion Sat, 11-Sep-2021 by Makoto Nozaki
    in: Outreachy

    I am pleased to announce that the Outreachy internship concluded successfully again in 2021. As previously announced, The Perl Foundation accepted Rosheen Naeem as an intern for 2021 to work on Open Food Facts. Stéphane Gigandet provided mentorship for her during the entire program. I would like to congratulate both for the successful program completion and express gratitude for their hard work. Rosheen reported that she completed the following during

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  • Raku Foundation DBA and Trademark Update Thu, 02-Sep-2021 by Daniel Sockwell

    Since 2012, Yet Another Society has also been officially known by its less confusing alias: The Perl Foundation. Now, it has a new alias: The Raku Foundation. Like the TPF alias, this new name is a dba – it doesn't change any of the realities of how YAS (aka TPF, aka TRF) is organized, governed, or structured. Pretty much the only legal effect is to allow YAS to cash checks made out to "The Raku Foundation" in the same way it can cash ones made out to "The Perl Foundation".

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  • Maintaining Perl 5 (Tony Cook): July 2021 Tue, 31-Aug-2021 by Jason A. Crome
    in: Grants

    Tony reports his July progress on maintaining Perl 5 core: Approximately 23 tickets were reviewed, and 1 patches were applied 19.37 #1420 working on a fix #1420 accessor for the split up last_in_*, start replacing accesses #1420 testing, fix some bugs, need more tests #1420 more tests, debugging ${^LAST_FH} problem #1420 more debugging, fixes, more tests #1420 code review, fix one problem, try to refactor a bit, debugging #1420 debugging

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