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  • Call for Grant Proposals: January 2023 Round Fri, 20-Jan-2023 by Saif Ahmed

    The Grants Committee is accepting grant proposals all the time. We evaluate them every two months and another round is starting. If you have an idea for doing some work that will benefit the Perl or Raku communities, please consider submitting a grant application. The application deadline for this round is 23:59 January 29th, 2023, UTC. We will publish the received applications, get community feedback through February 4th, and we

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  • Retirement Announcement - Dave Rolsky Fri, 20-Jan-2023 by Amber Deuel

    After several years of service to The Perl/Raku Foundation, Dave Rolsky is retiring. The board thanks Dave for all of his work, he will be missed.

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  • Fosdem mini grants Wed, 11-Jan-2023 by Amber Deuel

    One of the goals TPRF would like to achieve, now that conferences are becoming increasingly available in person, is to spread awareness of current Perl and Raku projects. In support of this goal, TPRF will be issuing a limited number of mini grants of up to $300 to participants interested in holding Perl/Raku based talks in FOSDEM 2023 dev rooms. TPRF has made an intentional decision to not apply for

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  • Maintaining Perl 5 Core (Dave Mitchell): December 2022 Wed, 04-Jan-2023 by alh
    in: Grants

    Dave writes: This is my monthly report on work done during December covered by my TPF perl core maintenance grant. This month I continued work on making the stack reference counted. A couple of weeks ago I reached a major milestone: the point where I actually enabled reference-counting of SVs on the stack for the first time. Since then I have reached the point where the perl build actually completes

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  • Marketing Committee Achievements in 2022 Tue, 27-Dec-2022 by Amber Deuel
    in: Marketing

    Looking back over 2022 the Marketing Committee presents our accomplishments to the Board and the Communities we serve. Our sincere and abundant thanks to all those who have volunteered their time to deliver these outcomes. Created the Prospectus for 2022 Arranged to have 2 Perl related articles published in the Linux Format magazine Launched The Perl store offering Official Perl merchandise with profits going to the Perl Fund Organized and

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