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  • PEVANS Core Perl 5: Grant Report for April, May, June 2024 Mon, 15-Jul-2024 by alh

    Paul writes: My time was almost entirely consumed during April and May by running a stage show, and then June by travelling the entire length of the country supporting a long-distance bicycle adventure; as such I didn't get much Perl work done and I've only just got around to writing out what few things I did get done. Entirely related to a few last pre-release steps to get features nicely

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  • Maintaining Perl 5 Core (Dave Mitchell): June 2024 Thu, 11-Jul-2024 by alh
    in: Grants

    Dave writes: This is my monthly report on work done during June 2024 covered by my TPF perl core maintenance grant. I spent most of last month continuing to work on understanding XS and improving its documentation, as a precursor to adding reference-counted stack abilities to XS. This work is a bit frustrating, as I still haven't got anything publicly to show for it. Privately however, I do have about

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  • New Standards of Conduct published Thu, 04-Jul-2024 by D Ruth Holloway

    The Perl and Raku Foundation has a new Standards of Conduct taking effect on August 1, 2024, to help combat bullying, harassment, and abuse in our communities.

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  • TPRC 2024 Feedback Form Thu, 27-Jun-2024 by Amber Krawczyk

    Please help us by filling out our brief TPRC feedback form at https://forms.gle/DcUDX6JzWT72yXTY7 Couldn't make it this year? We still want your feedback!

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  • Outreachy 2024 - Success working on the Open Food Facts project Tue, 25-Jun-2024 by St├ęphane Gigandet
    in: Outreachy

    The Perl Foundation is taking part again this year in the Outreachy program which encourages the participation of underrepresented groups in open source. As Makoto Nozaki described in the previous post, we had many applicants this year, most of whom were new to Perl but very interested in learning the language. Out of many very motivated and enthusiastic candidates, we selected Success Ologunsua who will be working on the Open

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