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  • Do you want to support the Perl and Raku communities in a more strategic way? Sat, 18-Jun-2022 by Nic Evans

    Could you or someone you know be willing to invest a few days per month, offering skills and experience that would be useful to The Perl Foundation or Raku Foundation? Have you considered nominating yourself, or them, to join the Board? Potential Board members ideally will: want to get things done and add value be active in the open source community demonstrate professional and positive characteristics It would be great

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  • Calling All Grant Gurus! Fri, 17-Jun-2022 by Amber Deuel
    in: Grants

    We are in need of a volunteer to take over the Grants Committee Chair responsibilities ASAP. What does the Grants Committee Chair do? Grants Committee Chair Job Duties Open a grants call every two months to invite community members to apply for funding. Facilitate discussion of grants between the public,The Perl Foundation/Raku Foundation, and Grants Committee members. Tally and report voting outcome at the end of each grant call. Work

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  • Could you support future development of Perl and Raku? Wed, 15-Jun-2022 by Nic Evans

    Billions of people around the world rely on Perl and Raku in some way without even realising it. A new prospectus from The Perl Foundation highlights how you can contribute to its ongoing development, either financially, or through volunteering time. By doing so you can: Ensure Perl and Raku are sustainably maintained and developed Gain valuable education opportunities for your teams at conferences Engage in important networking opportunities and build

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  • Grant Update: Optree Optimisations for Performance Gains Thu, 09-Jun-2022 by alh
    in: Grants

    Work has started, though a roadblock has come up: https://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl5.porters/2022/06/msg263847.html Paul has a few ideas to work around it. As some preliminary work, he wants to clean up op.c a bit and split the peephole optimiser out into its own file, per this thread: https://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl5.porters/2021/12/msg262118.html There is now an MR for that here: https://github.com/Perl/perl5/pull/19835 Cheers, Matthew Horsfall

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  • TPRC June Newsletter Thu, 02-Jun-2022 by Todd Rinaldo
    • Plan your Stay
    • Stay Connected
    • Setup your Schedule
    • Call for Volunteers
    • Standards of Conduct
    • Sponsor
    • Lighting Talks
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