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  • Perl Grants October 2023 Results, and New Call for Grant Applications Sun, 26-Nov-2023 by Saif Ahmed

    The delayed report of the latest round of voting are published. Projects reviewed are the the Perl GPT project and a Core Development Grant applied for by Paul Evans to develop, amongst other things, the object model to go into core Perl. Along with this is the opening of the December Round of Grant Applications

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  • Invitation to YAPC::Hiroshima 2024 in Japan Mon, 20-Nov-2023 by Makoto Nozaki

    Get ready for an unforgettable experience at one of the biggest Perl events in the world YAPC::Hiroshima, organized by the Japan Perl Association. Event details Date: February 9-11, 2024 Venue: International Conference Center Hiroshima Website: https://yapcjapan.org/2024hiroshima/ Why attend YAPC::HIroshima 2024? Knowledge Exchange: Immerse yourself in Perl and non-Perl topics through three informative tracks of talks. They are expecting 300-400 attendees Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow Perl enthusiasts and developers Keynotes

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  • Fosdem mini grants Fri, 17-Nov-2023 by Amber Krawczyk

    One of the goals TPRF would like to achieve, now that conferences are becoming increasingly available in person, is to spread awareness of current Perl and Raku projects. In support of this goal, TPRF will be issuing a limited number of mini grants of up to $300 to participants interested in holding Perl/Raku based talks in TPRF's FOSDEM 2024 dev room. In addition, TPRF will have a 2 day stand

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  • FOSDEM 2024, call for participation Tue, 14-Nov-2023 by Amber Krawczyk

    The Perl and Raku Foundation is thrilled to announce that the FOSDEM organising team has accepted our proposal to set up a DevRoom on Saturday, February 3rd 2024. It has been quite a few years since the last Perl DevRoom at FOSDEM. Historically, they have always been well attended and packed. Time for an Update Since last time, a lot has happened, and TPRF is excited to help create this

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  • Maintaining Perl (Tony Cook) September 2023 Thu, 02-Nov-2023 by alh
    in: Grants

    Tony writes: 2023/09/04 Monday 0.13 github notifications 0.40 #21421 fix some noise from G_USEHINTS tests 1.03 #21419 thinking, comment 1.55 #21449 review and approve 1.02 look into AIX smoke failures, find at least one problem, fix it, push for CI 4.13 2023/09/05 Tuesday 0.38 email George Greer about mingw smoke failures 1.75 look into fedora smoke failure, reproduce, just #20812

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