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  • YAPC::NA 2005 download stats Wed, 04-Jan-2006 by Jim Brandt

    This year the Toronto folks managed to record audio and video for the YAPC::NA conference sessions, as reported on use.perl.org After a few months of availability, Fulko Hew has shared his stats with me: 7 mail-orders 111 CD downloads 953 DVD downloads private duplications 4 Terabytes Given that the DVD was 4.23 Gig, that's a lot of bits, both for the sender and receiver. I don't think that

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  • The Year in Perl 2005 Tue, 03-Jan-2006 by Ask Bjørn Hansen

    Our friend chromatic wrote up a summary of some of the things that happened in Perl last year. Oh, and happy new year everyone! :-D

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  • Round Table Sessions Thu, 22-Dec-2005 by Jim Brandt

    As I mentioned previously, I recently attended the Gartner Open Source Summit. While there I participated in a new type of session Gartner has started moderating called a round table session, and I think it's a really cool idea. When you attend a Gartner conference, you are eligible to sign up for one-on-one sessions with the Gartner analysts. This is a nice perk, since you usually have to pay for

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  • Ponie in transition Sun, 18-Dec-2005 by Andy Lester

    Ponie is the project name for Perl 5.12, a bridge between Perl 5 and Perl 6. Ponie will bring Perl 5 to Parrot, the virtual machine at the heart of Perl 6. A project of this size and complexity takes plenty of talent, and plenty of support, to complete. The first phase of the project has come to an end, and a new one is beginning. In July of 2003,

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  • Patches fix sprintf buffer overflow Thu, 15-Dec-2005 by Andy Lester

    The Perl community has released a fix to the sprintf function that was recently discovered to have a buffer overflow in very specific cases. All Perl users should consider updating immediately. Dyad Security recently released a security advisory explaining how in certain cases, a carefully crafted format string passed to sprintf can cause a buffer overflow. This buffer overflow can then be used by an attacker to execute code on

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  • Volunteers needed: Mailing list support for the perl.org lists Thu, 15-Dec-2005 by Ask Bjørn Hansen
    in: perl.org

    If you have been wondering how you can help out, here is one way A quick introduction: If you don't know me, I am looking after many of the perl.org services with Robert Spier. When I started I helped look after the majordomo system it was running on then Soon after I moved the lists and the websites we hosted to a computer under my desk at "ValueClick":http://www.valueclick.com/ where I

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  • Updated Perl modules alleviate Webmin security flaw Tue, 13-Dec-2005 by Andy Lester

    The Perl community has updated the core module Sys::Syslog to help alleviate a security hole in the Webmin web administration package. All Webmin users should update immediately to the updated version of Sys::Syslog. Dyad Security released a security advisory explaining how arbitrary, untrusted data can get passed by Webmin into Perl's Sys::Syslog module as a sprintf format string. This allows an attack to create arbitrarily large strings, overwhelming server resources

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  • Gartner Open Source Summit Mon, 12-Dec-2005 by Jim Brandt

    Last week I attended the first annual Gartner Open Source Summit Gartner is a major IT market researcher and consultant, specifically for large businesses. The fact that this conference exists speaks volumes for the penetration of open source in all sorts of IT shops. OSS hung under the radar for quite a while because it doesn't show up in any of the traditional data that analysts use to measure market

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  • The role of the president Fri, 09-Dec-2005 by Bill Odom

    If you've read through the first few posts here on the brand-new TPF blog The Perl Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of the Perl programming language through open discussion, collaboration, design, and code. Of course, much of my "help" has consisted of me asking others to do the real heavy lifting. Many of the items in Richard's earlier summary of activities are a result of me poking and prodding,

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  • Working on reporting, working on conference representation Thu, 08-Dec-2005 by Richard Dice

    One of the things we're trying to improve over here is reporting. Not only do People Want To Know what it is that we're doing, but being a not-for-profit we have some regulatory needs to get our reporting act together. Over the past week I've been working on the reporting strategy for the Steering Committee. Progress has been made on this front. I've created a draft reporting template that seems

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  • Vancouver 2006 YAPC Bid Tue, 06-Dec-2005 by Jim Brandt

    Below is the bid submitted by the Vancouver group. Location: Vancouver, Canada. Located on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver is a novel choice for YAPC. Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia and the third largest city in Canada. It's surrounded by water on three sides and is nestled alongside the Coast Mountain Range. Vancouver is home to spectacular natural scenery and a bustling metropolitan

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  • Chicago 2006 YAPC Bid Tue, 06-Dec-2005 by Jim Brandt

    Below is the bid submitted by the Chicago group. Chicago was selected to host YAPC::NA::2006. Overview Who we are Why Chicago? Dates and Location Facilities Facility Location Facility Layout and Capacity A/V and Internet arrangements Cost Summary Individual Costs: $245 Travel Conference Fees Per Person: $55 Conference: Possible! Accommodations Low-Cost Arrangements Hotels Transportation

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  • Boston 2006 YAPC Bid Tue, 06-Dec-2005 by Jim Brandt

    Below is the bid submitted by the Boston group. NAME SYNOPSIS CRITERIA Estimated Costs Site 1: University of Massachusetts: Boston Campus Site 2: Simmons College Site 3: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Readily Accessible Location Public Transportation Facilities UMass Boston Simmons MIT Internet Access from Conference Location Internet Access from Accomodations New Location Affordable

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  • Announcing the Perl Foundation Blog Tue, 06-Dec-2005 by Andy Lester

    The Perl Foundation was established in December 2001, but is a mystery to many people. Today we announce The Perl Foundation Blog at blog.perlfoundation.org Atom and RSS Perl Foundation News is the place to read updates on what members of the Foundation's working groups are working on and for other project-related announcements. Where before a working group member might post an update to his use.perl journal, or a meditation on

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  • Parrot Grant and Accomplishments Mon, 05-Dec-2005 by Curtis "Ovid" Poe
    in: Grants

    Most folks probably aren't aware of this, but Stichting NLnet is sponsoring quite a bit of Parrot's development. We report to them every two months about the state of Parrot so they can feel comfortable with how it's going. Unfortunately, I had too much on my plate to be the grant manager for Parrot and Dave Rolsky volunteered to step in and help out. He now communicates the Parrot development

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