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  • YAPC::NA::2014 Call for Location Mon, 11-Feb-2013 by Heath Bair

    We need people excited about Perl and want YAPC to come to their City. Forget the Mississippi rule lets go all across America! Please have a prepared bid with location and simple budget emailed to me by May 15th, 2013! So get your ideas and plans together and lets get YAPC::NA::2014 planned. #yapc #yapcna #yapc-2014

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  • Volunteers needed: Mailing list support for the lists Thu, 15-Dec-2005 by Ask Bjørn Hansen

    If you have been wondering how you can help out, here is one way A quick introduction: If you don't know me, I am looking after many of the services with Robert Spier. When I started I helped look after the majordomo system it was running on then Soon after I moved the lists and the websites we hosted to a computer under my desk at "ValueClick": where I

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