2009Q3 Grant Proposal: wxPerl Documentation

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I will admit that this would be quite useful. I've looked at the (lack of) wxPerl documentation and gotten scared at attempting to learn it.

I don't have anything add beyond Curtis's comments. I have had the same experience.

I think the learning curve of wxPerl is way too steep that made it very difficult to write a large application in it. We still struggle in the Padre project because of our lack of understanding. I think having a good documentations and a good set of stand alone examples of wxPerl would help a lot our project as well.

As total newbie that attempt to learn Perl using wxPerl/GUI, lack of documentation is a big hurdle, I vote for this proposal.

I picked up Perl because it claimed to be a general purpose programming language. I work as a web-developer since 2003. I made some really serious WEB-based projects. From time to time it happens to write some small GUI apps. I use the Mozilla platform (XUL/JavaScript) for that.

I hope the "wxPerl Documentation" will make me turn back to Perl.

++ for attempting to do something about Perl's poor GUI support.

I agree. This is a good idea and could help accelerate the use of Perl as a GUI application framework.

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