When to make bids public

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Interesting. I actually meant for it to refer to the previous years bids. I only found Chicago's. I can see where posting before the deadline would open it up to 'stealing between bids'. Maybe the idea of offering a generic template for 'new' bidders to use to make sure that they, at the very least, address every issue could be an option. I know the venue requirements and venue weights are posted, but maybe a simple structured template could encourage groups that don't know where to begin, to offer a bid. After looking at Chicago's bid, I'm able to get a sense of what should be included, but am still interested in how other people have written them in the past.

Another option could be to make public the 'proposed' venues by simply announcing what host cities are offering bids (or does that already happen?). But, I could see how that might get ugly if one group starts pointing out negatives about the other venues instead of positives about their own (not that it's likely to happen, but who knows).

How many groups typically offer bids? I see there were only three last year (Boston, Chicago, and Vancouver). I'm also wondering if the groups making the bids are the same ones every year. Is there only a handful of groups that try or do you get a different variety every year?

Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to going through the process and hearing everyone's comments on the issue.

Okay, sorry about that. I found the other two previous bid proposals. I just wasn't looking where I should have been.

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