Perl 5 Grant Application: Travel to QA Hackathon

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This has to be one of the easiest grant requests to comment on. It is one of the best bang-for-our-buck ways to spend TPF funds.

Last year I got at attend my first QAH, and saw up close the value of getting people like RJBS, DAGOLDEN, ANDK, LEONT and others together in the same room for 4 days.

TL;DR: yes!

Yes yes... yes


I look forward to collaborating with Rik again this year!

It's been tremendously beneficial to me, personally, and the Perl community at large to have Ricardo at the QA Hackathon. I strongly support this grant.

It will be no surprise that I vote YES!
+1 from me (and I'll be there too)

I'm looking forward to seeing Ricardo as an important hackathon participant in Berlin!
I'd appreciate TPF support.

Sure! What would we do without all this infrastructure?
It has to evolve :)! ++1

32 hours of rjbs for $37.50 an hour? Bargain!

(and possibly even better value than that)

Yes, I'm keen to see this grant prosposal approved, and the results of the work that it will enable.

Yes please! Looking forward to cooperate with him once more at the QAH.

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