(Updated) Grant Proposal: General Perl OpenAPI Validator / Interpreter

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Can you give some high-level examples of some usecases you would like to implement/solve?

"The feeling in the community is that the JSON::Validator interface is difficult to work with." - can you provide more information on this because a) it feels like massively begging the question, and b) i don't believe this is the case.

There has been little community involvement in this thing except for people who appear to be heavily invested in the existing modules. The only third-party who had an opinion requested a reworking of the J::V API. This combined with my own experience was enough to suggest that I'm not the only one who struggled with it. I'm troubled by the nitpicking here. If we pretend this sentence wasn't in the proposal, is the proposal invalid? I would argue not.

On the, er, rest of the proposal itself - the OpenAPI-Specification currently has 449 open issues, many of which pertain to details of the spec and/or future requests for features.

My own experience, in working with RESTful APIs for at least a decade, is that it's not possible to have all functions for all users - we have seen this multiple times, OAuth2 for example, and despite OpenAPI's ambitions to standardise this they are discovering that it is not possible.

It's the reason all of this stuff moves so quickly and any successful attempts become a dogpile. I absolutely guarantee that the timeline of 10 weeks is massively optimisic, and even *if* that is achieved the implementation will be out of date within a few months. This is something you are going to have to support and maintain for the next *decade*.

"There has been little community involvement in this thing" - I think the reason behind this is that most people are busy going to work and building applications that again pays their salary. J::V have had about 25 contributors since it was launched in 2015, but I have been the main driver for making sure this module supports the different versions of JSON-Schema - though the latest draft is currently not supported. I don't know who this "third party" you are referring to is, but I am open to changing the API. Major breakage to the API on the other hand will not be accepted, since there are existing businesses that relies on it. The last refactor (when I adding custom schema classes) took quite some time to make sure it was back compat. Either way, I cannot recall getting a proper request to change the API. To whoever who wants that: Please open an issue, send me an email, or chat with the existing users in #perl-openapi on freenode. Last, I want to say that I don't think it's nitpicking what @leej wrote. I guess we are all in our own bubble here, where I have had a lot of positive feedback on the existing tools, from many Perl programmers. I do consider that the people who gave me that feedback is also part of the community.

JSON::Validator have gotten some updates over the ~weekend... #1 Draft 2019-09: https://github.com/mojolicious/json-validator/issues/181 #2 OpenAPI support: https://github.com/mojolicious/json-validator/issues/227 #3 JSON-Schema-Test-Suite: https://github.com/mojolicious/json-validator/issues/213 #4 https://github.com/mojolicious/json-validator/blob/d27609ff24b221e3804c7f81b070476f11656ba9/Changes#L3-L32

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