TPF receives large donation in support of Perl 6 development

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Wow, great job Richard and anyone else involved.

Will this money also be used in development of Parrot compiler? I am more interested in that.

[Reply: Yes, some of this funding can go to Parrot in as much as it is in support of Rakudo. It would be comparatively small, though. This isn't to say that TPF doesn't support Parrot, though. Quite the contrary! Parrot has already received a very large targeted piece of funding through TPF from NLNet, per ]

Fantastic work, everyone. This will make an amazing difference.

I'd really love to donate to the Perl Foundation. Please add a PayPal donation button to your web-site!!!

[Reply: See -
We accept PayPay donations and many other donation forms, too. We need to collect information about our donors for tax and accounting purposes so we need for there to a a form here that front-ends the actual donate button.]

I can't really find words that express how great I think this donation is.

Congratulations to the Perl 6 community, and thank you so much, Mr. Ian Hague.

That's so cool =) Congratulations!

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