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Last year I contacted Robert to participate as mentor. My project was not accepted (as expected, as it was quite academic), but I think other projects went running and with interesting results (at least the parrot related ones).

This year it is too late. Probably the best is to forget Google SoC and (if possible) suggest Perl-related projects using other mentoring organizations.

I think we should start thinking on an approach to add TPF back as a mentoring organization for 2008.

So is the title of president just nominal, and no real leadership exists?

Hi Mr. or Ms. Anonymous Commenter,

Could Bill have been more on the ball? Sure. Could *you*? Yup!

Volunteer organization and all that - what comes out is roughly proportional to what comes in.

There are plenty who talk and talk and suggest and suggest and debate and debate ENDLESSLY. Preciously few who actually come and do ANYTHING AT ALL.

- ask


TPF should try to become a mentoring organisation in SoC 2008 - definitely! As SoC is a well known event, good Perl projects can mean good publicity.

"Whether these alternatives take the form of an SoC-like program, or something more appropriate to our community, is under discussion right now. (It's a discussion I encourage you to join; comments are open.)" (Bill)

So you think about such a program just for 2007 or for the future?

I don't like the idea of a "TPF-only" program:
*) We have the Grants - that is one ability to work on interesting Perl projects. And that will compete against the other program.
*) The number of people who will notice this program is not that big.

This is a problem that lots of Perl project have. They are well-known in the Perl community but nobody outside the community knows it.

Just my 0.02 EUR


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