Stuart Mackintosh Nominated for TPF President

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Thank you for considering joining TPF!

Glad to hear you mention revenues & grants, which are very important to the Grants Committee.

Looking forward to the discussion.


What are your thoughts on Perl 6 in the future of Perl ?

Thank you Elizabeth. I was involved in the development of a P6 app recently.

My early thoughts are that it is promising and if the P6 approach can be augmented with the P5 breadth, it has quite some potential.

However, it will take more than just a strong language to gain adoption.

We (the community) need to work out what future we want for P6 and Perl as a whole so before I can add any value to you and I propose this as the first activity.

It will likely draw debate and probably rekindle some of those debates that have been swept under the carpet - then we should be able to look forward, choose what we want, and get on with it.

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