Grant Application: RakuAST

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As a member of the raku community, I am definitely excited about this work, and confident in Stefan's ability to deliver on it.

100% support from me.


While I'm no longer in a place to contribute much to Raku, I still very much believe RakuAST being completed is of high value for the language's continued evolution and can be a key enabler of better tooling. Stefan has the required experience and stubbornness to see it through to completion - and I'd be very glad to see that happen.

Stefan's work on RakuAST demonstrates quite capably that he is very well-positioned to bring this work across the finish line and thus unlocking a new horizon of potential for Rakudo internals and tooling.

I strongly endorse this application.

I have authored 19 Raku modules to date. I have used Stefan's work on Inline::Perl and Inline::Python and these are solid contributions to the Raku codebase.

I heartily endorse this application.


+1 from me

Stefan has, by his past contributions to the RakuAST effort, proven, that he is the right person to see this project through. As I like to see the effort come to completion, I fully support this grant.

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