September 2014 Grant Proposals

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Please support the Inline::C proposal. Many people want to do C stuff in Perl, but XS is really awkward. Making it easier for Perl to support C, and for authors to be able to release C-backed modules to Cpan, would benefit the Perl ecosystem. The amount of money asked for is modest, so this seems like good value for Perl.

As for the others:

Perl already has several web frameworks. It isn't clear that in what ways Nile will be superior to the others, nor that after spending this money on it, enough developers would choose it over alternative frameworks for the grant to have been worthwhile.

I've found IO::All to be too clever for its own good, and prefer an approach like Path::Tiny, so am not persuaded that a newer IO::All is a boon to Perl.

Json seems generally preferable to Yaml (for instance, Cpan modules have introduced META.json as a replacement for META.yml) so I'm not sure that improving Yaml is worthwhile.

Swim sounds like it may be a nice idea, but equally it could turn out to be one of those nice ideas which doesn't gain widespread traction with Perl developers. I'd want to see more evidence that module authors would bother to use this before wishing for money to be spent on it.

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