Running Perl on your Apple TV

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DO YOU KNOW APPLE WATCH: GERMAN PATIENT UNDERWENT CARDIAC SURGERY DUE TO ECG MEASUREMENT. However, both the ECG recorded in the clinic and the results of the blood test were invisible. The patient then presented the ECG with ECG records that he had previously created using his Apple Watch. These records showed signs of severe, so-called depression of the ST segment of a clear sign of severe coronary artery ischemia. Based on these records, the patient underwent a catheter examination of the heart, which revealed a severe coronary artery disease. Then the patient was treated, and then could be discharged without complaint. Of course, ultimately, doctors salute a vital operation - without warning Apple Watch or others, but it could be too late. However, doctor visits and preventive examinations are not intended to replace Smartwatch. However, the current case shows that the system can provide a very important hint of a health problem. Anyways, thanks for sharing the nice piece of stuff with us.

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