Ricardo Signes Nomination for TPF Board

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I'd be happy to see someone one the TPF board who is so familiar in and with the Perl community.

+1 to RJBS

Ricardo Signes contributions and dedication to the Perl community speaks for itself. It addition I find Ricardo to be a person of high integrity and having him serving as a TPF board member, would be a both a benefit and privilege for the Perl community.


- Perl programmer and CPAN contributor

I enthusiastically endorse rjbs. He is easy to work with, and would bring wisdom and maturity to this position.

+1: The Perl community have benefited immensely from Ricardo's contributions, and I am sure he will continue to be a positive force in this role as well.

I've known rjbs for two decades. I've seen how good he is as a programmer and what he's done for the Perl community.

I'm surprised it's taken you guys this long to recognize his efforts.

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