PerlGPT Large Language Model, Phase 1

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I'd like to see this project move forward. I've used ChatGPT for programming questions and documentation and found it useful. I would love to see the results from a GPT project with a strong focus on Perl. If the project could augment and speed up areas such as coding and documentation and help identify modules that already do something I might be currently developing for my business or personal use that would be very helpful.

I would like to see funding for this project. I find that the more detail one provides in a traditional search for a solution, using carefully crafted keywords to describe to a complex problem, just results in a very high number of useless matches. I believe that being able to use a plain-English description to guide development would be extremely useful.

I would like to see this project developed. I have been using ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot currently, and would be very interested not only in the finished project itself, but in the reusable code/modules it produces along the way.

I would like to see this project developed. I'm in the early stages of learning perl, but having a perl AI specifically for perl code could be what the world of perl needs to attract more people back to the language.

The PerlGPT grant proposal represents a pivotal step forward in the evolution of Perl programming.

Make no mistake, this effort is essential for the continued relevance of Perl in the ever-evolving world of software engineering.

It's not merely about creating another language model; it's about equipping Perl developers with a powerful, AI-driven partner that can enhance and streamline the software development process.

By providing PerlGPT, we are investing in the future of Perl, making it more accessible, efficient, and appealing to developers, especially those future developers who will come to rely on AI assistance.

I would like to see this as well.

The PerlGPT phase 1 will allow per to stay competitive for new programmers.
I use perl every day and would it would greatly help me in reducing my workload.
This will help Perl by more approachable to new programmers and help the old ones as well. Without this who knows what will happen to perl

I am very much in favor of developing a Perl-specific AI, as existing AIs (such as ChatGPT) have proven far less than optimal as Perl-programming aids. Not only do they "hallucinate" too much (giving code that doesn't work or references to CPAN modules that don't exist are aren't appropriate), but they suffer from lack of privacy. I think most of those pitfalls could be bypassed by development of this proposed "PerlGPT" project.

The PerlGPT promises to enhancing efficiency and accessibility for Perl developers. While existing AIs, including ChatGPT, have been inadequate due to issues like privacy concerns, PerlGPT is tailored to avoid these problems. It promises a refined, private, and more effective AI tool, ensuring Perl's ongoing relevance and adaptability in the dynamic field of software engineering. It's for the individuals and queries answered aren't robotic/

The use of LLMs to assist with the rapid development of source code is evidently the future for programming, given the list of supported languages referred to herein. Perl, missing from that list, currently therefore lags behind in this regard. The grant authors have identified a necessity for Perl. Implemented, this will greatly assist developers of Perl and I envisage would be likely to increase the number of users of Perl.

I would like to see PerlGPT going forward. GPT is available for almost every other language and as a Perl developer I don't see why we should be left out.
PerlGPT is going to be open source which should take care of privacy problems and security. If this goes ahead we should see more developers of Perl.

This is a great idea! This is the kind of development perl need. The developers listed are the correct people to make this happen.

I want to use this technology. I know other perl developers who would also.

I hope we can make this happen! Perl seems well positioned to regain market share as part of the LLM/AI revolution, as our favorite language is so rooted in linguistics and natural language. This really feels like a must-do in order for Perl to continue as a mainstream option.

I sure hope we see this great idea all the way through!

I consult ChatGPT to generate perl code and most of the time the result is wrong. I hope that your project will focus on our beloved perl language and produce correct results. Good luck!

I think it would be very beneficial for the Perl language and its community to have this large data model at it's disposal to help the programmers. I hope to see this happening in the foreseeable future. Good luck!

> Code Llama's documentation currently lists the following primarily-supported languages: "Python, C++, Java, PHP, TypeScript, C#, and Bash". One of the outcome of the PerlGPT project will be to effectively add Perl to this list.

I don't understand what "effectively" means in this context. Is this project to modify Code Llama to support Perl, or is this to fork Code Llama?

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