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I would be very interested to see this project take off. Googling information will only get you so far, having the decades worth of knowledge and experience from various online resources accessible through standard language would be invaluable. Plain English searches that can understand intent and context as well as the memory to "bounce ideas" and concepts off of in a back and forth dialog would be a huge boon to any programmer. The same tools would be very useful in housekeeping efforts for perl repositories. This seems like the logical evolution for the perl language given its roots in natural language constructs. I’m very excited to see where this goes.

I too would be interested in seeing this develop. I'm just starting to play around with these tools, and having something in Perl would be very friendly.

I think this would be a good project. And makes us relevant to new things.

I support this project being funded.

I believe this will be very useful when I think of all the times I'm searching for an answer to a problem and finding it difficult to condense a complex query down to a small set of carefully crafted keywords for searching. With typical searches, the more detail one provides as keywords usually ends up resulting in a high number of useless matches.
A system that could understand my intent from a plain English description would be extremely valuable, along with the further dialog to refine and guide me to the desired solution.

This would be an amazing project! It would be extremely useful to speed up Perl development dramatically, and it would help move Perl back to the forefront. This would make Perl more accessible to new users, and really turbocharge our toolchain. The GPT technology is a fresh opportunity for Perl to leap forward in usefulness and awareness.

This is a super interesting project that projects an application with a greater scope than the famous chat-gpt. It is not only interesting from the point of usability but also from the learning point of amateur programmers like me, who basically learn by replicating the codes of the available codes of free-software applications. The most determining point for me is the fact that the project adopts the free software philosophy. I am already looking forward to seeing the evolution of this great project.

This is exciting to be able to have a chat-gpt tool for perl and I
could use this in my daily work to help get work done quicker.
This proves perl never died!

This is greatly needed in the Perl community. I would love to see this come to fruition! Please, let's make this a reality.

This is a critically important genre for Perl to be dabbling!

Great project!! Hope it gets funded! Looking forward to seeing it working

Its very unclear if training an AI on copyleft code (GPL for example) is permissible. AGPL is almost certainly not.

As such i would be more specific about which licenses are being used when training the AI.

This is such an important project for Perl. Well done, both applicants, for putting together the Grant Application and very much hope you achieve the necessary funding!

it is important to complete this kind of projects in Perl, I can not help so much but maybe i will send my little help to the necessary funding.

I would love to see funding for this!

This would be an amazing project! I believe this will be very useful and also would make Perl more accessible to new users!!!

I agree with the general idea for this and think a usable code writing module is worth the $8k. I think it’d be more interesting in the form of an LSP that reads pods to implement code vs a plain chatbot. I also question any OSS tie in with AWS vs basing an interface on docker or even qemu (which seems to be popular on osx). In the end, I suppose whatever github action can be used to test the code would be a good enough implementation for an initial stage though.

I'd like to see this project move forward. I've only poked at ChatGPT a couple times for programming questions and found it useful. I would love to see the results from a GPT project with a strong focus on Perl. I would break grateful if the project could augment and speed up areas from coding to documentation and help identify modules that already do something I might be currently developing for my business or personal use.

This is huge!!!

Awesome project! It could be very beneficial for the Perl community and I'd like to see it's funded.

This sounds awesome. I hope you guys get the grant!

Hope to see this project up soon and excited as to how this will benefit PERL overall.

Although I am a newbie to Perl programming, I am always alerted by latest developments accompanying Perl since I love Perl so much. I utilized chatGPT for few times (not related to programming) ,and am waiting for what Perl has to offer in the future 🙂.

That's an amazing idea! Perl is such a good language to work with text, we need more tools to interact with large language models.

As an oldschool bioinformatics programmer who has always loved using Perl, I'm incredibly excited about the prospect of PerlGPT. The fact that it will be based on Meta's LLaMa language models and will be 100% free-and-open-source software (FOSS) is truly impressive and demonstrates the power of collaboration.

I think Phase 1 of the project, which involves training a 7B input language model using Perl-related request/response pairs from public Perl-specific data sources, is a fantastic start. I can't wait to see how PerlGPT will generate pure-Perl source code in collaboration with Perl programmers.

The possibility of upgrading MetaCPAN to include a live running instance of the phase 1 PerlGPT LLM is simply amazing. As someone who has spent countless hours searching through CPAN for the perfect module, the idea of using free-form search queries and plain-English written questions to spawn an interactive chat session with specific Perl module suggestions and custom source code examples is truly revolutionary.

Overall, I'm incredibly excited about this proposal and can't wait to see how PerlGPT will transform the Perl ecosystem. The future looks bright for Perl and bioinformatics, and I'm honored to be a part of such an innovative and collaborative community.

Looking forward to getting this funded.

I am Happy to hear that PerlGPT project is developing for perl programmers who's project running on perl.

I support this proposal because Perl needs to make inroads into the machine learning and AI space. The proposers appear to have excellent credentials and history for tackling this task. It would be nice to see this be but only the first of many such projects leveraging Perl.

Expanding into AI is an obviously a good utility for Perl. The integration into MetaCPAN would certainly help in searching for existing modules, helping new to Perl programmers be more productive. Both these points increase the attractiveness of Perl.

Sounds like a very useful project to me. I've asked Perl-programming questions of ChatGPT, but its responses are far from optimal, as it wasn't really trained in Perl programming. Having PerlGPT would be a boon for those seeking to avoid "reinventing the wheel" by finding what existing Perl modules are truly applicable to their problem.

That's an amazing idea! This project could be a great way to explore the
capabilities of Perl in working with large language models, Looking forward to getting this funded.

This project is incredibly intriguing as it has a much wider scope than the well-known chat-gpt. It is not only valuable in terms of its practical use but also from an educational perspective for beginners.

It also helps someone who has spent countless hours searching through CPAN for the perfect module, this feature would be a game-changer.

I wish this project will be completed soon.

Anything that can help me implement Perl faster.

I find this project especially valuable for intermediate Perl developers like myself who commonly use other programming languages.
Perl has proven to be a great supporting tool for my work. However, I can’t spend as much time exploring Perl in-depth as I wish.
I look forward to this project as a great learning opportunity.

This is a great idea! This could help introduce people to Perl in a way that they (maybe) wouldn’t have otherwise been. ++

This is a brilliant idea! Keeping perl on the cutting edge. John Napiorkowski & Will Braswell are the correct people to make this happen.

I would love to see this been implemented in the Perl community! This could help introduce people to Perl in a way that they (maybe) wouldn’t have otherwise been. +++

This seems to be an amazing project!Perl is a beautiful language and this project will make Perl more interesting than ever before.Hope to see it getting funded.

I question whether all the comments here are from genuine (non-bot) people, given they are all very similar, some word-for-word identical to others.

well that's a rather tacky thing to post on someone's grant application...

As a budding Perl developer, I find the idea of the PerlGPT to be an invaluable asset for the community. The potential of having such a model like GPT-4 adapted for Perl is both exciting and intriguing. I strongly believe that this tool can greatly improve the learning curve for beginners, and at the same time, provide seasoned developers with a smart assistant for their tasks. I wholeheartedly support this initiative and am looking forward to its development. Best of luck with the proposal!

Kindly grant as early as possible. We are waiting!!!!!

I am so excited about the promise of dramatically increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of creating new
pure-Perl software. Truth be told, the "TIMTOWDI" principle is sometimes if not
oftentimes bringing me in frustrations because I have to spend time weighing if something is better than another way.
It seems to me that I can offload bulk of the thinking or weighin gpart to PerlGPT.

The suggestion of MetaCPAN being upgraded to PerlGPT is also promising. With a myriad of modules that often have overlapping
functionalities but come with their own nuances about their respective strengths and weaknesses, it looks like having a GPT-like
functionality for it would help immediately narrow down the selections on which modules should we be choosing for our respective

The combination of AI and Perl holds immense potential to advancing technology and driving Innovation. I think it will be a great asset for the perl community, really excited to see this.

Good news!

I believe the Perl community will be revitalized by PerlGPT.

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