Perl 6 Travel Grant Proposal

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+1 from me.

We need to get word about Perl 6 out of the echo chamber and bdfoy is a well-known person who I'm sure will be able to gather a crowd and accomplish that goal.

Can we somehow make brian d foy travel to the #perl6 channel on freenode? At least once a month would be great.

bdf becoming the new Damian?

Travelling is a great idea, especially if Toronto is on the list.

Most people going to Perl Monger meetings is already well aware of the existence of Perl 6 and informed of its cons and pros. That is still the echo chamber.

I don't think this is a good use of TPF scarce resources.


There are still many people in the Perl community who have not really seen Perl 6 but would like to learn more. Or maybe they're mildly interested but the closest Perl 6 talk is relatively far away in terms of distance, or time, or money. More Perl 6 talks increases the opportunity for people to try it and use it.

+1, in-person presentations reach a different audience than blog posts, irc channels, etc.

Has the grants committee approached and to ask how they would spend any budget available to help their groups?

I organised 5 meetings last year and never had problems finding speakers. We had several talks about Perl 6.

I suspect both groups would be able to use this budget to cover the costs of several talented speakers from nearby instead of one talented speaker from far away.

If the grants committee hasn't explored alternative options, can you explain why not?

Hi Tom,

The grant request is from brian and he is the beneficiary. If this is approved, the payment will be made for brian. Neither nor will get cash from TPF. So I don't think TPF is in the position to explore funding options for brian. Does this answer your question?

Minor thing but this grant request is managed by the Board of Directors instead of Grants Committee as GC rules do not allow grants for travels.

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