Perl 6 Release Goals Initial Grant Completed

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I wholeheartedly support this grant!

I'm in favor of extending Jonathan's grant. His work was invaluable to Rakudo's progress (as well as language and VM level design), and I'd fully expect that to continue.

Without the continuing support of Jonathan, the advancement of Perl 6 will go tremendously slower. Therefore I really would like to see this grant continuation awarded.

Yes, please!

I totally support an extension of the grant, the more that gets done before an official release the greater the stability and happier new users.

The amount that has happened this year has been astonishing and it would be nice to retain the same velocity.

Extending jnthn's grant is the best chance at getting the best possible Perl 6 implementation out for Christmas. Having all the features is great, but much of his stated focus will be that "second 90%" where we get a faster, stabler compiler which will make for good first impressions on those people who pick up Perl 6 /because/ of the christmas release.

So ... +1 to the extension and hooray for the accomplishments so far!

I strongly support the extension of Jonathan's grant. He continues to tackle problems that no one else can, and produces excellent results. At the same time he has been unblocking large community efforts that have resulted in, as Jonathan Stowe points out, rather astonishing velocity.

Our project has numerous times seen the effects of a key project member unable to continue to contribute with their previous frequency/velocity. Let's avoid that this time.

Yes please! Jonathan is invaluable for getting Perl 6 ready before Christmas.

jnthn++ has slayed some of the nastiest technical dragons standing in the way of Perl6 and Christmas.

Please help him to keep hacking his way through!

Go jnthn++!

+1. Jonathan's continued (heavily price discounted) work is crucial to the success of Perl 6.

+1. I am very much in favour in favour of this extension.

Congratulations Jonathan and all Perl 6 developers!

+1 for extension. Because Jonathan doesn't just makes us dream of Perl 6: he delivers!

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