Perl 6 Release Goals - Grant Extension Request

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+1, Jonathan had been working very nicely on NFG, NSA and GLR, plus many bugs/stability fixing and optimization. Thank you very much, Jonathan!

Please do extend this grant. jnthn has been a phenomenal force in implementing the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler and supporting it on MoarVM and the JVM. Anything that can be done to keep his focus on Perl 6 can only be good.

+1 indeed.

Thank you jnthn++ for the work completed and the work ahead.

+1 to jnthn of course!

I really would like to see this grant extended. Jonathan has done a lot of work on his free time, and cannot continue doing that forever. If a grant like this can keep him doing this work, it is more than worth the money.

+1. Jonathan's been doing fantastic work.



+1 for one of the top-producing elves in the workshop. Christmas has been getting shinier by the day with him on the job.

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