Perl 5 Grant Application: Travel to QA Hackathon

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Given everything David does for the Perl community, particularly (in this context) all the toolchain related things, it's hard to think of a better thing to spend 'our' money on.

TL;DR: yes please!

David's behind-the-scenes work on the toolchain has been incredibly valuable, as has his help and advice. Getting him in the same room as other core toolchain workers for a few more days would be invaluable, so as Neil says, there are few better things I can think of for spending TPF's money on.

David's attendance at past QA hackathons has always been a positive thing for the Perl community. Strongly endorse this grant application.


+1 - I look forward to collaborating with David in Lyon!

Resounding +1

+1; it's definitely worth our while to get David to the QAH


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