Perl 5 Grant Application: Travel to QA Hackathon

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It sounds really fair. It seems to me that Ricardo is a verifiable valuable member of the Perl community. Therefore: Thumbs up.

Please grant this: Perl would definitely benefit from RJBS being at this event.

This seems like an excellent plan!

It would be very helpful to have Ricardo at the QA hackathon again. I support this grant.

It looks like it would be money well spent to me. I support this grant.

+1 - Sounds like a very worth while use of the money

I'm in favour, even though I don't use any of Ricardo's modules :-).


Definitely. Having the pumpking on the QA front would be an essential benefit - in all directions.


I see this as a no-brainer that doesn't really need public comment. Of course he should go. Besides the work that gets done, the current pumpking showing up at an event will impress upon the newer members how much their work is valued.

It's always useful to have Ricardo at the QA hackathon - I'm in favour.

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