Perl 5 Grant Application: Travel to QA Hackathon

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This looks like a good idea. The amount of the grant is very reasonable and the output of hackatons is always very useful for the community.

If his claims are true (no reason to doubt it), then this sounds like a good idea.

In the future, he should add the amount of days/hours he intends to commit.

The hackathon is three days, and in the past has been from about 9:00 to about 18:00, with a break for lunch. So, I'll be putting in about three eight hour days. That isn't 24 hours of programming, as there is overhead for asking for advice, doing design work, answering questions from other people, and so on.

In the past I've also gotten work done at night and on the flights, but I think of that as a bonus rather than something I'm committing to.

+1. I can think of no reason why this grant should be denied. The reasoning presented speaks for itself and is right and true.

I would like The Perl Foundation to approve this grant. I think that Ricardo's attendance at the hackathon will benefit Perl 5. Ricardo is the current Perl 5 Pumpking, and him meeting there in person with the key QA and toolchain developers to plan future work will be much more efficient than attempting to do this remotely, with a 6 hour timezone difference.


I'd be happy to have this grant accepted and to see Rik at the QA hackathon. I find the QA hackathons to be very productive times due, in part, to having a critical mass of the right people all together in a room at once.

The legacy isn't as much about the code written during the event (although there is plenty of that) as it is about the discussions and decisions which are made which allow for direction and greater productivity in the weeks and months following. Rik's presence will only enhance that.

This seems reasonable, but I thought that historically TPF didn't fund travel grants.

+1 regardless.

Rik has been a huge contributor at past hackathons and his presence would be a huge help for this year's event. Additionally, while wearing his Pumpking hat, I would hope that we can collectively have some good group discussions about future direction for the toolchain in core.

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