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Because NLNet has sponsored $70,000.00 for Parrot development, it's very important that we ensure they receive timely, accurate and complete information.

While I don't disagree with this statement, I think that the protasis makes it seem like TPF is a slave to the money. It's very important that the parrot community receive timely, accurate and complete information. Even if they aren't all putting up $70K.


The Parrot community generally receives this information directly through the mailing lists they participate on. For the Perl community in general, this blog is part of an attempt to provide that information.


I would like some information about the relationship between Parrot and Pugs. Are they friends, competitors, or both? What do they have in common, what is different? I got the idea, maybe mistakenly, that pugs is aiming for a full bootstrap implementation of perl6 eventually... whatever that means. Given that, and the publicity (and user community) pugs has generated, is TPF also funding Pugs at some level?

What's the deal?

(Question originally posted at perlmonks -- -- where it was also answered by Ovid: )

Parrot and Pugs are not competing. Though related, they're actually in different problem spaces. Further, the Perl 6 design team has been quite grateful for the work Pugs has done to clarify many corner cases which previously had not been considered. However, I haven't paid very close attention to Pugs/Parrot interaction (I've had to be more focused on Parrot) so even though I'm aware there's been some communication there, I don't to what extent.

And no, to the best of my knowledge, TPF is not funding any Pugs development though we've sponsored "Hackathons" for it. I believe we did this for Toronto and it's possible this will also happen for an Israeli Pugs hackathon, but details on the latter are still being worked out. However, those sponsorships are not handled by the grant committee (I turned them over to Jim Brandt, the conference committee head), so I don't know too much about what's involved there.



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