Maintaining Perl 5 - Grant Extension Request

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I strongly endorse the renewal of Tony Cook's Perl Foundation grant. His work on behalf of Perl 5 has been very worthwhile.

Yes, please continue this. Among other good things Tony does, he's one of the few people who provides detailed feedback to new patch submitters and applies their patches. He is always fair and courteous when evaluating the work of others, even when turning down a proposed patch. His work is thus a really critical part of keeping the welcome mat out.


Tony's work and knowledge are invaluable, and It would be a sad thing if his grant were not extended.

I am a full supporter of extending this valuable investment of Tony's work

Tony does a thoroughly helpful job of maintaining Perl 5 and helping others do so. I would like to see his grant extended.

I'm also in favour of continuing support for Tony's work.


Tony's work has been great and I would like to see it continue to be funded.


Tony's work is quite useful and we should keep him on as long as we can.

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