Grant Extension Request: Raku Performance and Reliability Engineering (Jonathan Worthington)

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Jonathan is uniquely capable to deliver on this grant, and this would be a good use of donor funds.

Jonathan has shown that he delivers great value for the amount of money requested. My personal experience from working with him on other projects also confirms that his work is worth every penny (actually much more).

I am very much in favor of this.

Jonathan has delivered excellent work in the past, and I have fullest confidence that he will in the future.

I concur with all previous comments. I have seen close-up the work done by Jonathan and respect his great technical knowledge, programming and communication skills, work ethic, and leadership ability. We will all benefit greatly from this grant extension.

Yes absolutely. Johnathan produces quality work and it would be a real loss if he was not able to dedicate substantial hours on this work

I use and I want others in my organization to use Raku. Performance and reliability are crucial to expanding our use of Raku. Jonathan is a proven reliable contributor and the best person to do this work. This would be an excellent and deserving allocation of funds.

Wholeheartedly in favor. His previous work has been great and I hope to see much more of it.

I'm a little late to the party, but I also wanted to voice my support. Already excited about the dispatcher overhaul not only in terms of performance opportunities!

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