January 2015 Grant Votes

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Thank you for taking the time to consider the proposal.

The decision is understandable. I also (think I) understand what needs to be done to get to the point of recognition. There are some extra several miles to go now.

It is no doubt that Ado received more attention in the last two weeks than for a whole one year before. This is a good thing.
During the last two weeks the visits to the project page on Github doubled. The forks increased in number, we have a new merge request accepted :) and a few issues solved.

I realize this is nothing comparing to already popular projects. It is now only about achieving the needed critical mass of contributors :) to make the project appealing for the wide audience.

Time, feedback and voluntarily invested efforts will tell.
I wrote some rules on how to contribute already for those who are interested:
They are subject of improvement too :).


Have you considered a Kickstarter campaign or something similar? This sounds like a cool project, and it's not a huge amount you are asking fror. I'd chip in. :-)

Thank you Magnus!
I did not dare to do it :).
I will consider this opportunity definitely!

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