Improving Perl 5: Grant Extension

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From what I have seen, he is doing good work. For how long would the $20,000 extend his work?

If Nick is asking for the extension it's because he thinks he can do good work with it, and his work so far has been very exciting. If we can let's keep him at it as long as there are bugs in Perl :-)

Yes, please keep funding this grant. Nick is one of the few people with the skills to do serious core hacking. I'd love to see him funded for much longer than $20k would provide.

This continues to seem like an excellent use of TPF's money.

Great idea, Nick does great work.

I concur with the previous comments on the quality and importance of Nick's work. I full-heartedly support extending his grant and would without a doubt extend it well beyond $20K if possible.

Quite frankly, we cannot afford not to support more work to be done by Nick.

This would give us another 400 hours. Depending on how fast Nick works it will probably give us another 3 months work.

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