I need a perl-based conference system

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Gabor Szabo wrote and subsequently used http://yapcom.pti.co.il/ to organize {YAPC,OSDC}::Israel

I am also interested in such a solution. Would be glad about a hint.

Thanks for the info (both references). I'll take a look.

I would be interested in helping, I would just need some direction.

I have an online registration system in Perl. I've used it for a provincial computer conference system and have just opened online registration for a provincial Science and Mathematics conference. It does email-back confirmation and generates PDF via LaTeX for mail-in payments. It has extensive Admin functions (data export, user confirmation, etc.) The online sciematics is at: sciematics.richtech.ca The online computer one is at:
sacereg.richtech.ca (and is currently closed but I can provide access passwords to admin areas etc, if interested)

If anyone decides to move forward with this and take the lead, please contact me [fluhmann AT gmail DOT com] (easiest way). I would be interested in helping.

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