Hague Grant Application: Structured Error Messages

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+1 to it.

+1 to it as well.

Having better error messaging will improve my development time for my Perl 6 projects.

+1 as well, this will play a significant role in advancing Perl 6 development.

I'd be glad to see this completed. Right person for the right task.

I like this proposal very much. +1

Though, I think it should be parcelled into 4 deliverables:

  1. specification
  2. tests
  3. implementation
  4. documentation

with moritz still awarded 400 euro per deliverable for a total of 1600 euro or 2160 USD

Moritz has made many great contributions to the Perl 6 project so far and worked well with everyone. This grant identifies a genuine weakness that should be addressed on the way to a full Perl 6 implementation, and provides a solid plan for doing so. It's also the kind of work that I feel moritz could deliver successfully and to a high standard. So, a big +1 from me.

A big +1 from me. Moritz is the right person for this task, and it's critically important to Perl 6 and Rakudo development.


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