Hague Grant Application: Numeric and Real Support

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It sounds good, but is it realistic to talk about this helping Rakudo Star? That's planned for an April release, as I understood it, and this says it will take two months. Even if the grant were approved today (and grant approvals seem to take closer to a month), it would not be delivered until May.

Is this off the mark?

I support this grant proposal.

Solomon has been doing much of the math implementation that you find in
today's Rakudo (trigonometric functions, rationals, complex) and brought the
corresponding tests to a better shape than I would have ever dared to wish
for. I am sure he is up to the task.

I would welcome to see this work at least started before the "Rakudo Star"
release, because the current implementation corresponds to an old snapshot of
the spec, and the mis-matches between implementation and specification will
greatly confuse people who try it out.

Ricardo, I'm pretty sure I can squeeze the schedule to six weeks and still get it done for Rakudo Star. Though obviously if it doesn't get approved before April it won't be all done in time.

I've been very happy with Solomon's contributions to Rakudo so far - both generally and especially in the area of our numeric handling. This grant will help bring this area of Rakudo in line with the specification and imrpove test coverage (something Solomon has shown himself to be very good at). Of course, the more that can be done before Rakudo *, the better, so I both support the grant application and hope that it can be approved on a short timescale once the public comment period is over.

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