Hague Grant Application: Lists, Iterators, and Parcels

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The last sentence of the proposal is supposed to have the word "achieving", not "archiving".

(The original proposal text had this misspelled as "achiving", so some spell-checker in transit chose the wrong word. :-)



I think this is really a good idea, and Patrick is certainly qualified. To my knowledge he is the first to have implemented a robust system of lazy lists and iterators for Perl 6. (There was a fairly good pugs backend at some point, but it's quite out of date wrt curernt spec).

I'd just like some clarification about D1: What is actually left to do?

Clarification about D1: Experience has shown that writing the documentation for any implementation almost always results in at least minor tweaks to the implementation itself. And in the case of lists and iterators, the minor tweaks sometimes aren't so minor. D1 covers that.


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