Grant update: Improving (25.10.2009)

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The perl-org-patches project whose beginnings are detailed in this blog post here are an overall initiative to get patches into learn.perl; since Eric's work on the grant had largely lapsed by the time we started I invited him to join in as a contributor.

Eric's work with Combust has been invaluable to us, and the new versions of his work so far could eventually reach the point where they'll be applied to learn.

I'd love to see some flexibility from TPF in terms of the nature of the grant since it's been so long - rather than requiring Eric to complete the letter of the original grant, is there any chance we could discuss (you, me, him) how his work can be further re-oriented in light of the -patches project's existence and perhaps more work to make it easier for others to contribute could be done as the completion of the grant instead?

If this is a viable idea, please contact me at the email address I've submitted with this comment (plus Ericof course) and we'll see where we get

-- mst, out.

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