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I'm all for this grant. I've been working with Test2 a fair bit recently and I could have used this sort of docs. Chad has been very responsive on IRC, but I suspect long term his time is better spent working on this manual than answering all my questions ;)

Oops,the part that reads 'will target 3 specific audiences' should be 'will target 2 specific audiences'.

I have been using Test2 quite a bit recently, and have found it excellent and extremely useful - a value to Perl!

A manual with more coverage than the current docs on how the various bits and pieces work together would be a need to have in the long term for Perl's testing ecosystem.

As an early adopter of Test::Stream, I know the current docs don't quite fit my expectations, so I support the grant to present the docs differently.

Having written a couple of Test::Stream modules (which I plan on switching to Test2) and played around with Test2, I agree the module documentation is quite good, but the bigger picture provided by a Test2::Manual and friends is missing and would help developers who are just starting out with Test2 a lot.

I have been porting with Lance and James to Test2. It has been smooth sailing but would have been smoother had there been an overview to take in the Test2 ecosystem. It's a big place! More docs would be very useful.

I would love to see this grant happen.

The typical style of module API documentation often makes it hard for readers to understand overarching concepts and doesn't always make it easy to figure out how to apply the APIs to any particular use case.

I've seen ::Manual-style documentation make a big difference on other projects before (Moose, Catalyst, DBIx::Class, etc), and I think the Test2 project would benefit a lot from a real manual as well, especially considering how central to the Perl ecosystem it is (or soon will be), and how many different use cases the project needs to support.

Chad obviously understands Test2 very well, and seems to have a proven track-record of writing high-quality documentation.

I'm looking forward to using Test2 in my day-to-day work, and I think the proposed manual would help me a lot with that.

We at MaxMind would very much welcome this manual.

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