Grant Proposal: Standardization, Test Coverage, and Documentation of Perl 6 I/O Routines

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I'm all in favor of this grant.

Coding with filesystem is always double work (check code and system ACL, locks, flows etc...).

It would be LTA for perl6 to let I/O and filesystem coding half way on the road.

Not to say the current I/O system is broken, it just needs polishing before problems pile-up.

+1 For Zoffix

Awesome! I'm all in favor of this.

One of the comments about Perl 6 that we often get at a booth / conference, by people who say it is a bit of a stumbling block for them before they would use Perl 6, is that I/O in Perl 6 needs to be improved, extended, better documented. If that happens thanks to this grant, I am all for it, so yes, ++.

Perl 6 should have some module ships with the "core" like Perl's File::Find::Rule which standarizing file traversing and making this task very easy and somthing fun to do .

I'm in favor of this grant .

Now I guess I have to follow through on that promise to look at the coverage tool...

Gets my vote. I/O, both in test coverage and implementation, could very much use the careful attention this grant proposes, and Zoffix has established a track record of quality contributions to Perl 6.



Zoffix has been a very prolific contributor, and is the right person for the task. And yes, it needs doing.


Awesome! +1 of course!

Ditto what Moritz said.


And I second Moritz's comments.

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