Grant Proposal: RPerl Operators

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As someone whoes programmed in Perl this is a great idea and needs to be done!

I've been reading up on RPerl for some days now, and mailing with Will Braswell, mostly about the documentation and examples. Last YAPC::NA in Salt lake City, I got a demo of what he was doing.

If, thanks to this grant, RPerl can handle more operators, and still has the tremendous speed increase that Will claims, both Perl 5 and Perl 6 might very well benefit.

I think this proposal is promising and I hope TPF will fulfill this grant.

Thank you ladies, for your love and continued support for RPerl!

And yes, Ms. van Dijk is correct, adding these new operators will still allow us to keep our same ultra-fast speed we have now.

Thank you TPF, for approving and awarding this grant proposal!

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